Trollsländor med fåglar och orm

Konstfilm signerad Wolfgang Lehmann

Trollsländor med fåglar och orm is not a documentation, it is a meditation - a purely visual space of vibrant images, a journey into a world in which we have never had a chance to “enter.” The title says it all; the work is an imaginative world of insects consisting of images, combined with birds, as well as toads and snakes. The theme is the eternal cycle of life, birth, sex and death. The structure of the film images is continual chance.

The images to be seen are the pictures in the viewer’s perception. In general, there are three different images that are combined in strict rhythm. The images you see are caused by the inertia of the eye. From time to time there are shifts in addition to the combination of up to six different images.
It's a composition of images and contains several frames of 16 mm film. Some images are self-recorded; others are taken from scientific film material and combined in a collage-like manner. Trollsländor med fåglar och orm examines the mysterious grey zone of image and imagination.
The film has no text, no sound – it is only visual!" - Wolfgang Lehmann

A film by Wolfgang Lehmann

Sweden / Germany 2007 – 2012

World premiere: 18. February 2012
62. International Film Festival Berlin (Berlinale) section Forum Expanded, Berlin / Germany

Trollsländor med fåglar och orm

Titel Trollsländor med fåglar och orm

Originaltitel Trollsländor med fåglar och orm

År 2012

Längd 60 min

Länder Sverige, Tyskland

Regissör Wolfgang Lehmann